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how to buy bat

In other words, single-piece bats tend to sting hands more than two-piece bats. After you’ve decided on your price and league, the barrel type comes as the next useful consideration. (2) How many years will you use the bat—are you growing out of the bat soon?

how to buy bat


how to buy bat

Younger, new, and growing players tend to benefit from better bats than older and more experienced players. Slowpitch uses several certifications—but most fall under the ASA and USSSA certification requirements. These bats can break if you’re facing a thrown pitch that has decent velocity and you don’t connect with it on the barrel. Position the bottom of the bat in the center of their chest, facing outward. If their arm can reach out and grab the barrel of the bat, then it is the right length.


It is sporadic (in softball) to see a serious player using a single-piece bat. Effective January 1, 2018, USA Baseball will adopt a new method for measuring bat performance for testing youth baseball bats. Little League® players (ages 14 and under) must use a USA Baseball certified bat. Designed to perform similarly to wooden bats, these bats are available in 2 1/4” barrel size and 2 5/8” barrels. Alloy bats, or aluminum baseball bats, are ready for use right out of the wrapper. They have a smaller sweet spot but are great in any temperature and even tend to last longer due to their durability.

Baseball Bat Certifications + League Regulations

If you have been bitten or suspect that you’ve been bitten, call your state health department immediately. Keep the bat contained and follow your state how to buy bat health department’s guidance. They will advise you about where to send the bat for rabies testing, as well as if you need to seek medical assistance.

Once charged, consumers can expect to use the device for 20 sessions in total iii . Weather is an important consideration when deciding how to handle this situation. If you are going to catch and release the bat, make sure weather conditions are above 50°F with no precipitation or high winds.

  • But alloy bats may feel a little heavier for younger players, especially those with double wall barrels – and they tend to have a smaller sweet spot and less pop than composite.
  • This swing weight is the only important thing in terms of the function of the bat.
  • As well, some wood bats have “man-made” materials incorporated into the construction.
  • Tatarzyn notes that most tee ball bats carry between a drop 10 and drop 14.
  • This can be great for a balanced, powerful swing, but mishits can cause stinging in the hands.
  • Here are a few tips to help make your next bat purchase a little easier.

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